Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well I am so, so far behind in posting!! We have had an interesting last couple of months, really that is what I always say! LOL My pictures are all out of order but I wanted to show off my kiddos anyway!! We had a fun Halloween and my children actually trick or treated (yes I believe that is a word LOL) for the 1st time!! They had so much fun! I realized that after I bought CJ's costume that he looked less like an indian and more like the guy from the Village People!! LOL I wanted to bring a radio and play "Macho Man" whenever he entered a room but Jon was adimately against it so, I lost! LOL We had such a fun time! Our pumpkin patch time and carving was late this year because my Grandfather passed away and we had to make several trips back to Oklahoma! We had fun and the kids just loved the pumpkin carving!!! I hope to post pics from Drew's birthday and Thanksgiving and other random things soon ( like my crazy Black Friday shopping experience!! LOL) Hopefully in the next couple of days!! I hope you enjoy the pics of my pirate, hippie, and indian!!

My money is on Batgirl.....

Asleep before we got there!! LOL

Jon and I made the joke... If you can carry it you can have it... Our kids are strong! LOL No, it was really a lot of fun and such a fun family day!!