Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thankful, so Thankful

It has been a long year in the Martin house. On certain days I am thankful for every single step I take and other days I can't find one reason to be thankful. On those days I am wrong. As hard as that is to say.. I am so wrong. I have a wonderful husband, who by his own admission is rough around the edges. He is the black and white in my gray world. He has learned a lot this year, he has stood his ground this year, and he has countinued to earn my undying love for him this year. Madison- what a strong little girl, who gets up everyday and struggles to catch up in reading, practices her spelling words when I force her, but she makes me laugh everyday. Her smile lightens up my world. Andrew, whose name means "manly" is so strong and bold, and is as tender and as precious as they come. He will wrestle in his second tournament soon. I lose my voice screaming for him and always whisper in his ear" I am your biggest fan." He makes me smile. Christopher- his name means "Christ-giver" my dad says he could be president some day, honestly I would be more honored for him to be a "Christ-giver" to Christ-needers. I am so thankful for my children. I am thanful for Savannah, what little time I was given, has changed me to my core. I have struggled this year and this is what I have learned. No book helps the empty, but Jesus does, No drink helps the need to get away, but Jesus does, and no amount of anger, resentment, or vacantness helps, but Jesus does. I am thankful for Jesus, who sometimes helps me breathe when my hurt is that bad, and I thank Him for loving me when I didn't deserve it. I am thankful, so thankful. Enjoy your turkey and sweetpotates.

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Betsy said...

Wow- you don't cease to amaze me and give me chills in the process.