Monday, April 9, 2007

Pictures from Easter

Easter Sunday! Here is some pics of my sweet family!

God is good! If you look really close on Drew's lap is our new puppy Boomer!! Precious!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

Meet Boomer!
Drew the handsome devil!

My sweet Maddie girl!

CJ took time out from playing outside and getting filthy to decorate easter eggs!

CJ right before his school Easter egg hunt!!

Hey! Happy Easter everyone!! We got a new puppy and we decorated easter eggs today!! We sat and told our kids about what Easter is really about and how much Jesus loves us!! It was so awesome! Life is good! I am posting some pics of my babies!!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

I Want More

Laughter is the best medicine. We laugh a lot in my home. Laughter is why I fell in love with Jon. He makes me laugh because well he is kind of a dork, but so am I. After being married for 7 almost 8yrs I know how he ticks, tocks, and everything in between. We are polar opposites, and I had a friend once say she didn't know how we got together because we didn't look like a couple. What kind of statement is that? LOL! Honestly I can say we are polar opposites, and we have nearly killed each other trying to understand how the other thinks over the last 7 yrs. Jon is Type A, everything needs to be done a certain way, and the very reason I fell in love with him is what drives me the craziest about him today! I told him one day "When I met you I was so impressed with how confident you were, but now I just think you're arrogant! See, this is where the personalities collide. I am laidback, go with the flow, and my attitude is "it will get done" I am laidback to the point of lazy. Yep that is right I said it! The past few months has made me evaluate our marriage, my heart, and my life. I want more. I want more for Jon, more for my kids, and more for my heart. It's good right now. Really good, but I want more. When Savannah was born very sick I think I fell in love with Jesus again. Funny isn't it? I knew He was my only hope. He could heal her, but He didn't. Not here. I hurt every single day, and there is not a moment in my day where she is not in my thoughts but I refuse to let the death of my daughter be the end of what God can do with me. I believe that God inhabits the praises of His people, and I plan to praise Him every, single day of my life until I die. God is my treasure, and in Him I will find my value. I will no longer compromise my integrity to belong. I want more because I choose Joy. I may not feel it, but God appropriated it and I Choose it! (Thank you, Beth Moore) When I die I want to stand in front of my God, and He greet me like my Dad does with a hug that is safe, and home. I don't want to be greeted by a long, forgotten friend because I chose to walk away from the relationship I could have had with Him because I was angry. I want it to be as amazing as I have always been told it's going to be. If I allow Him to use me- everything will change. I will be more. It could be really cool.

"By the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace toward me was not in vain; but I labored more abuntantly than they all, yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me." 1Cor 15:10
“I can’t find anywhere in the Word of God where it says a woman should get her sense of security, worth, or value from a place, possession, or position, or any person other than Jesus Christ.” Patsy Clairmont

Calgon and Spice and Everything Nice That's What Boys are Made of?

I should have known growing up with two brothers that boys are adventurous and daring. My brothers shouldn't be alive after some of the things they have done. I call Jonathan, my older brother, Mr. Wizard. He is the kid that would watch The "Mr. Wizard Show" on Nickelodeon and try as many of the experiments as possible. I don't know how my parents had a home that stayed standing. Aaron was the daredevil. He was pushed of a fence once and popped his elbow out of socket and pushed it back into place himself. I see my brothers in my boys. Andrew is Jonathan and C.J. is Aaron's "mini me" Andrew has curiosity that amazes me. Drew came out of me exploring. He watched everything and I always said he went from rolling to crawling to climbing in about a week! He is a listener, and is so sharp. He started pre-k this year and at his first teacher's conference I just knew they would tell us he was crazy! Actually we got the he is so smart we need to keep him focused, and choices conference. RIGHT! This is how my story begins. I believe that this event happened during Fall Break. I was folding clothes in the bedroom when I heard the cabinets in my kitchen opening and closing. (CJ went through a stage where is played with my pots and pans) When I started putting clothes away I started to smell spices. (It always starts with a smell in my stories) I smelled oregano and liquid smoke. Our family room is a converted garage and so this room is enormous and has hiding places. When I found the boys they had mixed in a huge plastic bowl. Calgon soap, liquid smoke, oregano, bay leaves, salsa, and some sesame seed oil. I stood and watched them for a minute as they stirred that horrific mixture together, and as proud as he could be Drew said "MOM YOU GOTTA TRY THIS" I said yea! no! I hide all of the cleaning products! haha!