Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Praying for Rain

Alright!!! OK I need some motivation from my blogging buddies!! It's coming up that time of year again and I am trying to focus on the business of living and not grieving over Savannah!! It's not that I don't grieve, but now it doesn't consume me. I have done really good and then the Monopoly game came out for McDonalds and my brain shifted towards that grief. Weird,
I know but for me it is sequences of events that I know happen every year. Monopoly @Mc Donalds, Halloween, Drew's Birthday Nov 2, Savannah's Birthday November 8th. This is the post I wrote 2 weeks before I had her-and this point we had no idea she had any problems.

Alright, due to my insanity of being about 4 weeks away from having a baby I have began participating in the McDonald's Monopoly game. I don't really like McDonalds yet I have managed to go there more often than I would care to mention. The hilarious thing is that I truly believe I could win that 5 million dollars, and all my problems would be solved and new ones would surely arise. The conspiracy is that McDonalds gives everyone 3 out of the 4 Railroads, and now everyone is searching for that dang Short Line!! I don't care if I am 9 months pregnant I would fight my older brother for that Railroad!! LOL (because I know he is playing) Let me give you an example: I have managed to rope my normally level headed husband into the insanity! Yesterday, I call him about 5pm from our home phone and he begins the conversation with "I DON'T KNOW WHY YOU OWN A CELL PHONE WHEN YOU NEVER ANSWER IT!" (By the way he never calls me!!) A little taken a back I said "excuse me?" He asked " What Railroad do you need? I said What? He said What Railroad do you need? Not remembering I said B&O and he proceeded to go on like a 5 min rant about how he saw a B&O railroad on the counter at the Midway McDonald's and he didn't want to pick it up if I already had it, I never answer my phone, and he was almost home and how mad he was at me because he did not pick up the small little piece of sticky paper on the counter at the Midway McDonalds. Soooo, what is my first instinct? I start laughing!! I said Are you kidding me? Which made him even more angry because I have now lost HIM 5 million dollars!! After he hung up on me I ran through the house and found the monopoly board only to find that I needed Short line not B&O!!! So, I ran back to the phone and called to assure my normally level headed husband that I had not lost him 5 million dollars!! See maybe my question is how was that my fault? LOL What would have been the problem for him to just pick up the little game piece and stick in his pocket? I need to have this baby or win 5 million dollars that's all I'm saying! I Hate McDonalds!! LOL

It's a funny blog- I still laugh because I remember how funny it was when it happened, but I feel like we were so oblivious to the life changing events that were getting ready to happen to us. I have worked really, really hard to keep going - but somedays there is a push to keep going. Sometimes it feels like the flu, and sometimes it feels like hormonal depression. So, January of last year I started on Weight Watchers and I am like 35 lbs down, and I want more off, but getting through this time I pray I don't start eating again!! So again I ask for you to pray for my sweet family during this time and give me a shout out!! I NEED IT!! LOL

Monday, October 20, 2008

17 days and counting!!!!

Love that ride!! We are going to Branson in 17 days!!
Pure exhaustion

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Reroofing, Fall Break and New Hair- and All the Pics are mixed up!!

I am not very blogger smart at all right now and it is late so all my pictures are backwards!! Anywho!! If you read the paragraph the pics explain themselves!! LOL
Well I have a couple of weeks to update so this blog might take a while! Read if you dare!! LOL We started off last weekend by letting the kids get on the roof with us and help rip some of the shingles off the house. Jon and I being young and stupid thought that we could re roof our house ourselves with some amazing friends might I add and be done by the end of the weekend! (slight smirk with a giggle) No that is not what happened- by Monday night at 11 pm I am on the roof praying that our neighbors don't call the police because we are nailing shingles STILL onto the roof!! Jon kept saying will you shut up and let me finish- it is going to rain!! We were up there until 1AM and we still were not done!! We knew rain was coming and we had to get tar paper laid and everything covered!! We made it through the rain with no leaks and our roof looks really good!! We have on more spot to finish but we are pretty much done- other than making sure around the house is good and clean! Jon and I have learned a few things reroofing our house together. 1.) We are going to write a book "If You Want to Test Your Marriage-Reroof Your House together. It will Make or Break a Marriage! LOL We had some really tough, irritating, and uncomfortable moments- but we love each other a lot and think we want to stay together another 50yrs or so, and 2.) We will hire someone next time to do it for us- we were really stupid! LOL We talked about it though and we are really proud of ourselves for what we have accomplished!! Fall break started on Wednesday and it rained so we had a movie day, Thursday they just wanted to play outside, and Friday I took the kids to Ray Harrel nature park and they ran around and were big explorers! It was fun and got us out of the house- even if Drew didn't believe that I hadn't got us lost!! He is such a guy!! LOL! Then, I have been desperately trying to decide what to do with my hair it was getting freakishly long for me and I was tired of putting it in a ponytail bun!! Let me know what you think?! I hope everyone had a great weekend!!
Do I look like a grown up?!

Madison tossing shingles to the ground!

The mighty explorers (Extra kid is Kayla, Maddie's friend)
How big was that spider?!
CJ- was tired and wanted me to carry him- me with the weird ponytail-bun!!

Climbing on the roof

I am helping Mom!!
Busy girl!! Gotta get to the top!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

For Mandy

I am in no way a photographer and I desperately seek tips from friends and their awesome pictures but I saw this precious face and had to catch it! I hope you can get this Mandy and put it to your collection. He is so adorable. You are an awesome mom!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Punkin Patch

I had a few problems uploading pics so I will post more later. I am just in awe at how pic CJ is getting- such a big boy! We went on our last pumpkin patch field trip for preschool yesterday. WOW!! I will update more soon!