Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summer day 2

Well- It is summertime, and my goal is to keep my kids as entertained as possible! That by day 2 is becoming harder than I thought. The kids played outside all day yesterday and today they woke up at 6:45am rearin to go!! We started our bridge books today and my kids loved doing them! We read our 15 mins each child separately, and that my friends was all by 9:00am. What to do! I had them clean their rooms, and then we went to meet my mom for lunch with her at the park. Still only 1:00pm!! They are now watching a movie and we will go to church tonight! I have to figure out things for them to do or they will do the next best thing- fight or draw on something!! I am so looking forward to really hot - swimming weather because we will swim until they are falling asleep in the water!! LOL I have to get some pictures of the boys summer cuts! white heads with tanned faces!! LOL!! I weighed in today and I have lost a grand total of 26.4 lbs!! It is very exciting!! I might be High school reunion ready! LOL I don't know that whole thing seems so scary! Well so far so good! Just wanted to take a break from cleaning and write a little!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day

I wish you all a wonderful Mother's day!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A New Week

I am writing for this week now and I posted a blog I started last week also!! LOL Well I lost 4lbs this week!! I did a kickstart week and it worked for me sooo grand total so far 24.2!!! It is amazing!! I feel really good and my energy level is soaring. It has been such a busy week already! Teacher's Appreciation Week has kept me busy along with 2 PTA meetings and I gave the opening thought for the city meeting it was very cool and I was very honored they asked me to speak!! Anywho!! We had some pretty good storms tonight and I got the biggest laugh out of my four yr old CJ who was so confused that nobody would take their clothes off to get in the bathtub during the big storms!! LOL He said THEY STILL HAVE THEIR CLOTHES ON!!! it was soo funny!! It is the little things!! LOL All in all a great week so far!!! WOO HOO! 8 days until school is out!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

What a week!

Well let's see I gained 1.8 this week- I think all the celebrating that I made my 10% helped in this minor set back! LOL! Yea- so I am back on track! LOL Jon has been out of town this week and I am sort of a pitiful soul right now! CJ had is school performance tonight and played a mean air guitar during one of the songs!! He gave me the giggles it was so funny!! Well all and all it has been a good week. We are getting ready for Teacher Appreciation Week and I have about 58 baskets in my family room that I have threatened my children's lives that if they touch they will not enjoy sitting for a while!! LOL They have stayed in place!! I just want it to be nice- Teacher's are so underpaid, and underloved- my dad is a teacher and we struggled a lot growing up because teacher's pay is so lousy! I am just curious- Where is all the casino money? HMMM? I know those places never close and they always seem busy. What a lie Oklahoma bought into! I voted no- because it hasn't brought a whole lot to the table- its quite sad- It has brought a lot of addicts. Sorry off my soap box!