Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's Coming Off!!!

After a pretty crazy week I was scared to weigh in today since last week I only lost a half a pound!! It was still a loss so I was excited!! I really paid attention to the amount of food I ate and watched my points and I lost 4 lbs!!! My grand loss so far is 9lbs!!! I am really excited and hopefully summer won't seem so daunting!! Everyone is on track getting better and are back at school so pray we stay well!! So, I am really excited!! Thanks for the prayers!! Keep it up I love it!!! Sarah

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh Heavens!! The plague!

I believe the plague has hit my house!! At least that is how it feels! It started on Friday and is moving through the children one by one. Madison has not gotten sick yet (knock on wood) but the boys and myself are typhoid mary's. We are usually pretty healthy beings but it seems to have hit us good! I am supposed to weigh in tomorrow so I am hoping for something since I have been in bed or snuggling with little ones all weekend!! My husband said well if you wouldn't lay with the sick kids you probably would not have gotten sick. I said yea! cause your going to hold them! LOL! They are pretty pitiful!! I am so ready for it to be over 40 degrees!!! I have grown accustomed to being outside with them and seem to have some cabin fever myself!! Pray for everyone to get well!! Thanks! Sarah

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Weigh In

Well I had my first weigh in today... I have started weight watchers and I lost 4.6 lbs this week!! I am excited!! I have had a really good week. I think that I have a new focus! I have a long way to go but I am praying that God will continue to keep me strong and strongminded. Thank you for the prayers! They are needed! I am not quite ready to post a before shot because frankly I am a little embarassed and the weight I have reached. SOOO, I will take a picture and post it when there is a real change!! I am a good pep emailer so if you need any encouragement on weight loss let me know because I think everyone needs encouragement while working on this stuff!! I love the people who are keeping me in line!!! LOL! Love you all, Sarah

Monday, January 7, 2008

Grief eating

Well, let's be honest I am pretty open when it comes to my writing on my blogs, and this blog will be no different. It has been a long, long year, and it has not gone the way I really wanted it to go, but do things ever go the way we think they should? If they did I would have a healthy one yr. old right now and I probably would not have the time to write, so maybe losing Savannah has brought out the writer in me. What a crappy way to get to this point huh? Well there are other things that I have become good at one of them is eating. GIRL!! I can eat!! I didn't do drugs, cheat, gamble, or do any of the things that I could of done to SHOVE the pain out of my mind, but it was unavoidable for me to stop eating!! I ate when I was happy, sad, mad, depressed you name it and I ate it! LOL Well I gave myself a deadline that the grief eating stopped December 21st 2007 which was a year to the date little died, and for the most part I have watched what I ate, and drank since then, but now is the time to do something BIG!! I am just asking for prayer because along with my self control I gained back on December 21, 2007 I lost all the adreneline I have been living on for the last year. I am tired. I can officially say I am on no medication right now for depression and I am proud of that. I am putting faith in a God that is bigger than my grief. SO... to the diet I go! I 'll keep you posted!!

PS Christmas blog will be up soon!!