Thursday, July 31, 2008

Want Smore?

oOEY Gooey!!

Roasting marshmallows is serious business- it takes technique
Drew soo excited! LOL

Madison is growing her bangs out and it is driving me nuts the hair in her face! She is not a ribbons and bows girl when she plays outside so keeping her hair maintained over the summer has been virtually impossible!! She's still my cutie pants!
I did the pics out of order but I think you get the idea of what our summer bedtime ritual is! My mom started this at her house with them roasting a marshmallow over a tealite! Not to be outdone I do it over the stove!! My mom has amazing things she does with my kids and I try to not to do the fun things that she does at my house because I love that they come back and tell me ALL the things they did at Grandma's! I do however believe that smore making is universal- they are special anywhere!! I don't like marshmallows due to peep incidents growing up that I choose to keep trapped in the recesses of my mind! LOL No, I just loathe marshmallows!! My husband is an amazing sport- he enjoyed his time making smores!! His goal is to look like a goob as much as possible while I take pictures so I said fine I don't care what you do but these pics WILL be on the internet!! LOL!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Interesting Little Scenerio

Well- I am sending out a little (well rather big) prayer request. It's a funny thing what God calls people to do. We are learning that God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the Called. We are searching for what God wants us to do. Jon and I believe we are being called to join our churchs Medical and Dental mission team that goes to Nicaragua each year. We as happy surburban lifed people have really been settled with the attidude of "that is not what I am called to do" well frankly our hearts have changed. So now we lay on our faces trying to search out what God wants us to do. If we choose to go It will be the July-20th- July 27th, 2009, exactly a year from now. There is a lot of prayer, money, and emotional investment going into this trip. So, we are asking for prayer in our decision and frankly I think I need an audible reply from God in one form or another! LOL (Actually, I am quite excited about it!) All the advice thrown at us and prayer support is greatly accepted.

Romans 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes-

Monday, July 21, 2008

Bible School

I love bible school. I remember it as a kid ya know the sit down, stand up song they used to play. Walking the flags and the bible down and how you were money if you got picked to carry one of those things, and the importance of not letting the flags touch the ground. I always was nervous watching the other kids carrying the flag because I knew that if it touched the ground there might be a flag burning ceremony (never happend but they sure scared the crap out of us huh?) I just love the piece of wood that you painted with broken tooth picks or pieces of sticks that up close you couldn't tell what it said but when you walked away you could read JESUS. So cool. Game time is what my kids talked about tonight. I remember game time at my church so fun Jennifer Nelson and I would get taunted my Beau Bradshaw and maybe Steven Roberts because they were the competive boys! LOL Cameron his brother was older and in elementary school he was my romance and always somewhat saved the day. All of us have kids now- except Cameron he is with Jesus now. Thinking about those amazing times like making Peanut Butter balls rolled in coconut that we took home on Friday night when our parents came to see ALL the crafts we made that week, it makes me miss Cameron- what his wife would have looked like or how many babies he would have had. Just so unknown. I wonder if he has met my Savannah yet? Anywho. I went to Starbucks with a friend tonight for my time out and we got to chat. We have wasted a lot of time not being friends- it is funny how God changes your heart when you never thought your heart could change again. She was and is my friend. It is amazing what God has brought to my mind taking my kids to Bible school. My kids played a game tonight that they all loved- it had to do with bubbles in a pool and what they were thankful for. It was really funny listening to them try to explain. I love them so much. It made me start thinking about what I was thankful for- my husband he is utterly amazing, my kids the ones that are still with me- they make me so frustrated and so proud and happy in the same thought, my parents who have loved us(my brothers and I) unconditionally, my church what an amazing place to worship and seek Him, I am thankful for friends- new ones, old ones, prodical ones, ones that left in anger that were probably misunderstood, grace, I live off of it. I am thankful for Jesus who with out Him I am nothing, Family, Family, Family in whatever form that God gives them to us. Hope- that one day I will see my Savannah again in a place I can only dream about. I still every so often struggle for a breath- I sometimes feel I have failed my other children on the days it hurts to breathe but I keep getting up and trying again, I am thankful for that. I just keep wondering how I deserved all of this?

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Natives Are Restless...

Well we are mid way through summer and let's just say that trying to keep my kids busy is getting difficult. I read of a friend who froze toys in water so her boys could chip away at the ice and dig them out. I am trying that on Monday or Tuesday- a little transformer frozen in an iceberg of ice makes me laugh! I will post pics! Thanks Ashley! Well this week we have built tents, swam, and tortured our poor shih-tzu Boomer. He is praying for school to start to I know it! LOL! Here is some fun pics!

COME ON I AM NOT EVEN A DOG ANYMORE!! So patient! Sweet Boomer!
Drew he is so charming when he wants to be!
Just climbed up from falling through the innertube!
Such buddies!
Boomer chillin in the tent!