Monday, August 24, 2009

We Started School in Waco...

They are so wonderful!! This was the "We like our new school" Dairy Queen celebration!!
I am done takin pics Mom

CJ-at his building.

Drew the mighty 2nd grader!

Sweet lady

Standing at the sign!!

Well in June we packed up and we moved to Waco, Texas!! Jon had been here since February and it was well worth it to finally all get to our new home!! We haven't sold our house in Oklahoma (BOO) yet but it will happen! In mid July we were in a pretty bad car accident on the way home on I-35 and I will never get frustrated at the people on the side of the road for causing rubber neckers ever again!! It was however the first time I realized how far we were from family!! I called my Mom right after the accident and she said we will come and get you!!! I politely yelled YOU ARE 6 HOURS AWAY!!! LOL It was a really scary moment. We totaled the car in front of us and we were pretty close to having ours totaled also! No one was hurt thank God, and Drew cried and said " I loved this car" and I began to cry and said So does Mommy! I believe we were truly protected. God is really good. Alright! The kids started school today and my youngest (here on earth) started Kindergarten. What a wonderful gift of life he is!! CJ is so brave, Drew so strong, and Madison so graceful. I love em. We are excited to see what the school year brings!!