Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's Bad, It's Really Bad.... I May Never Recover... :)

Well, I have survived the first week of Jon being in Waco and me home by myself with the kiddos. The most eventful thing I did this week was rent a storage shed. It wasn't until today that the craziest thing happened!! I decided that I would try to take the kids out and look for things for the house. I have a really hard time asking for help with my kids, since they were babies I have had a very hard time letting them stay with anyone but family. Don't get me wrong we have paid a teenage babysitter but I really can count on one hand how often we have done that. I just think that if they go with us they learn how to act in public. That is just me. Anyway- my mom and I were driving looking for a food place with a playground. First let me say I am shocked that I agreed to that because I hate those places!! Dirty ick! I can't tell you the last time someone has gone in with some cleaner and wiped those slides down!!! Let me then say= they did today!! LOL
It took us almost 30 mins to find a place that had a playcenter. Thanks to the urban legend of the kids dying from the water moccasins in the ball pits, needles in the ball pit, and yucky other things that I will leave out for the faint of heart. Well we got to the food place and this is how it happened! I told the kids that they needed to put their coats and shoes at a table while I ordered food, and then they could play. In the meantime my mom has gone to Subway because Weight Watchers is nicer with a sub than food from fast food. LOL We sit down to eat and Drew eats just fine, eats about half of his meal and wants to play some more. Fine, while they play I can have some adult conversation with my mom, plan and plot about the house, and just relax a little. About 15 mins later Drew comes down the windy slide with this weird look on his face. I looked at him and thought oh heavens get a napkin he sneezed!! It looked like a giant line of snot- BUT it was worse!!! He said "Mommy I threw up" I said what?! He had thrown up on the huge, windy, purple slide and every child that was sliding with him slid through it!! IT WAS A VOMITPALOOZA! I grabbed him and took him into the bathroom, and asked him how long his stomach has been hurting and he said it doesn't it smells like poo poo up at the top and it made me sick!!! It ran through my mind What was I thinking? This is awful!! Oh what is in that playplace that is making that smell? OH HEAVENS!! I ran and told the manager about the throw up and the poop! UGH! UGH! UGH!! Then I am apologizing to parents whose children had throw up on their clothes. It was horrible!!! Horrible- HORRIBLE!!! So, then I asked them to send people up to find out what was contributing to the poop smell up at the top of the slide!! When we were leaving they were sending workers into the play land - play area with disenfectant to clean it up!! So, yes I have become the mother that had a kid yack in a play land, but I made sure that it was cleaned up!!!! Gosh- I hate those places!!!


The Nadeau Family said...

OH MY WORD!!! Only to you sweet Sarah! Congrats on the move to Texas! If you need any advice, you know I have been there and done that!! Love ya girl! :)

amy said...

ARE YOU SERIOUS?? Man. That poor little guy. Poor you! :) Guess that only proves your reservations about those fast food playgrounds. Makes mine stronger too. Won't it be nice when the weather warms up so the kids can enjoy outside play where there is no remaining stinch of poop.