Sunday, April 1, 2007

Calgon and Spice and Everything Nice That's What Boys are Made of?

I should have known growing up with two brothers that boys are adventurous and daring. My brothers shouldn't be alive after some of the things they have done. I call Jonathan, my older brother, Mr. Wizard. He is the kid that would watch The "Mr. Wizard Show" on Nickelodeon and try as many of the experiments as possible. I don't know how my parents had a home that stayed standing. Aaron was the daredevil. He was pushed of a fence once and popped his elbow out of socket and pushed it back into place himself. I see my brothers in my boys. Andrew is Jonathan and C.J. is Aaron's "mini me" Andrew has curiosity that amazes me. Drew came out of me exploring. He watched everything and I always said he went from rolling to crawling to climbing in about a week! He is a listener, and is so sharp. He started pre-k this year and at his first teacher's conference I just knew they would tell us he was crazy! Actually we got the he is so smart we need to keep him focused, and choices conference. RIGHT! This is how my story begins. I believe that this event happened during Fall Break. I was folding clothes in the bedroom when I heard the cabinets in my kitchen opening and closing. (CJ went through a stage where is played with my pots and pans) When I started putting clothes away I started to smell spices. (It always starts with a smell in my stories) I smelled oregano and liquid smoke. Our family room is a converted garage and so this room is enormous and has hiding places. When I found the boys they had mixed in a huge plastic bowl. Calgon soap, liquid smoke, oregano, bay leaves, salsa, and some sesame seed oil. I stood and watched them for a minute as they stirred that horrific mixture together, and as proud as he could be Drew said "MOM YOU GOTTA TRY THIS" I said yea! no! I hide all of the cleaning products! haha!

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Jenn said...

My Ethan is like your Andrew. He once drank brake fluid because he wanted to see what it tasted like and I hadn't prayed that hard in a while. He should have died that nite but came out of it 100% okay. I on the other hand was covered in charcoal... you know that stuff doesn't come out of anything.

*I didn't realize there was an open bottle of brake fluid in Chris' car or that would have been put in the trunk. He has a bad habit of leaving everything out where the boys can reach it.

Zech, on the other hand is my sneaky one. He waits until Ethan has everyone's attention and then he jets off to where he wants to go. I forgot how fast they can be when they crawl at 'superfast' speed!