Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hello friends!! Well it has been a while since I posted a blog and that is because I have three children two of which are boys whose main goal is what they can hang from or how many times mom has to come outside to turn off the hose. I keep yelling IT HAS RAINED QUIT PLAYING IN THE HOSE OUR BACKYARD IS ALREADY A SWAMP!! CJ (my 3yr old) giggles and runs away. My 5 yr old Andrew is as my friend Paula calls it an equal opportunity fighter it doesn't matter if you are black, white, Hispanic, younger, older, male or female he wants to fight you and at any moment could ruin some guys ability to have children. I keep saying "son you can't punch your dad there it hurts him" (as my husband is bent over gasping for air) I then try not to giggle. Drew fights with Maddie, CJ, and managed to "wrestle" with a boy he just met at my father in law's church's 50 yr anniversary service. Also, at one point in time I caught my boys trying to get to the baptismal room so they could "see the water" I could just see them taking a flying leap into that symbol of "buried with Christ in Baptism and raised to walk in newness of life" Well we went on vacation last week to Alabama with my parents and it was a wonderful departure of real life. The kids got to fish, run around and get dirty and meet family they have never met before it was wonderful!! The 12 hour drive went amazingly well!! The person who came up with the portable DVD player should win the Nobel Peace prize! Well, on the Maddie front I am a little saddened to say that my 7yr old daughter at lunch yesterday said that she doesn't want to take dance lessons she wants to learn to dirt bike race!! I have failed as a mother!! LOL I mean I painted her room pink, I made her wear hair bows, and most of her barbies still have their heads but for Pete's sake!! DIRT BIKES!!! She is not allowed to watch motor cross or "Pinks" with Jon any more!! I have to have one year where that child wears a freakin tutu!!!!!! It is my right as a mother with a daughter to make her dance and get those for picture and humilation purposes when she is older right?!! Oh well!! It could be worse!! haha!
Well I am off to take the kids swimming and improve my tan!! LOL I hope to write more soon!! Thanks!! Gotta go one of the boys is hanging from something!!! Sarah

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Heather said...

Dirt bikes...haha!!! And I agree...the portable DVD player is A MUST HAVE on vacations!!!!!!! Glad you guys got to get away!