Monday, October 29, 2007

WWF and all that..

Well Drew started wrestling this week. Good? Bad? I don't know yet. He is on a green, yellow, and red light behavior system at school and if you know Drew yellow is what color the child lives on and it is not because he is mean or hateful, but just because he wants to wrestle ALL the time. Also, at any moment as I am told by his teacher he will break into song. I am exhausted!! This child wears me out! One moment he is ready to scrap and fight and the next he is such a cuddler. He didn't used to be and now it makes me melt! He was the baby that when people tried to make him giggle he just stared at them like "Are you done?" AAh!! I love getting to know him!! He will be 6 on Friday. Wow!! time sure flies! It won't be long and he will be in high school. I thank God for Andrew. He is so precious!! I am so excited and pray for wonderful things for him when he grows up!! He will be my CEO! LOL Thank you Jesus for my Drew..


Jenn said...

Drew sounds like such a fun child to have around! Definitely exhausting though. I got worn out just reading your post!

Chris & Ashley said...

I lost your blog address and could never get it to link from your comments on mine....finally I found link from Heather's! Yeah! Now I can comment. Don't you love it when little boys cuddle with their mommy's? It is the greatest, glad you are enjoying it some these days.