Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Update

I don't actually know who reads this blog but I would like to think there are many! LOL Well our summer is going good. We have had terrible weather the last couple of weeks and so on Thursday we take our van in to the insurance for hail damage, and Saturday our house will be looked at because our roof is leaking in our bedroom!! Yea!! for Oklahoma weather!! Jon was out of town for 8 days the last 2 weeks so we have stayed with my parents because they have a pool and live in Sapulpa and it saved on gas because my favorite thing to do right now is fill up my mini van!! LOL and the kids our amazing swimmers- all can swim without floaties or me helping even CJ, my four yr old! They are amazing little creatures!! I have done my own little daring adventure for the summer!! I have lost about 27 lbs so far in my journey which means some of my confidence is coming back!! HAHA! KXOJ the christian radio station had auditions to open (sing) for Rockets over Rhema the big fireworks display event for BA. I decided I would try out. I made the top 4 of my night but they only took the top 3 to finals. BOOO! LOL Anyway, I chalked it up to a good experience and moved on with my summer!! Anyway so I received a call this morning and they told me they were taking the 4th place people from each night and they became "wildcard" contestants in the finals!! LOL I still might be able to sing!! I sing at church but I have not sang in an open place in a really, really long time!! So we will see- It is June 24th and Incredible Pizza!! It should at least be a fun night out with the kids!! We are all doing very well. The bridge books are being done and my house is semi clean! LOL The kids are going to their aunt's for the next couple of days so Jon and I can celebrate our 9th anniversary! I am pretty proud of what we have accomplished, survived, and learned over the last nine years. I love that man with everything I got! He is awesome and I am sooooo blessed!! I hope everyone is surviving the summer!!

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Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

Oh, how I long for the day when all my kids can swim by themselves! Count your many blessings girl!

Great job on the weight loss! You rock!

Happy Anniversary too! :-)