Monday, January 26, 2009


"If you had ONE day to do ANYthing and EVERYthing in the world you wanted to do, how would you indulge yourself?"

That my friends is the question at hand. That would mean that I would have to decide what my perfect day is for me. Well, I am a thrill seeker, and it has never been a fear of mine to try something new. (Other than a restaurant that serves weird food and you know what's good to eat there and no I don't feel like trying the "special" tonight! Sorry!) I love amusement parks- for the rides -ALL rides!! I don't want to look at things when I go to an amusement park I do not want sand art or a weird caricature of my face- I want to ride the rides. PERIOD! Also, I have said to my husband at an amusement park we'll say Branson this "we are not here to watch glass blowing honey, we are here to ride rides!! LOL! My most indulgent day honestly does not include spas, or beaches (don't get me wrong they would be awesome but my amazing day would be this: My husband and I would start our day at 12 am and we would go to 12 am the following day. I would ride the top 10 roller coasters in the world- I have listed 2 websites of the top 10 in the world! LOL!! I found them!! I know I am a dork!! LOL

No matter how high, lots of spins, or flying like superman we would ride them!! We would have jets ready to take us around the United States or other countries when needed, and with our hands raised in the air we would ride each one screaming like fools!!! Ha Ha!! I would love to tell my kids we did something like that!! My husband and I have had to be brave over serious things in our lives, and this is something that I would do as my indulgence, my favorite thing in the world is laugh with my husband,and it would totally impress my kids (I care more about them thinking I am cool than anyone!! LOL) It is funny and quirky- but it's us!! It would be stories to tell my grand kids and that would be my indulgence.

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amy said...

That sounds so much fun! I have heard the best amusement park is Cedar Point in Ohio. There is also a water park nearby and you could totally do some sightseeing along the way there. Ahhh, thinking about a vacation or a fun activity just makes you feel better.