Monday, March 26, 2007

The Magical World of Boys

It has been an eventful weekend and I was a little giddy this morning when my children woke me up because I knew they were going back to school today!! WOOO HOOO! It's not that I don't enjoy my children at home, but it's the making sure they don't 1.) Burn the house down 2.) Play Mr.Wizard with anything they find in the fridge or my spice cabinet that tends to send me over the edge. Let me begin by saying that both have been either tried or done in my home. I will begin with my first story. HAHA! I have a daughter who just turned 7, and she came out sugar and spice and everything nice. I am serious Madison is laid back, go with the flow, and somewhat of a little momma. Drew came out in a black and white world with no gray areas and full of vinegar. Jon and Drew are more alike than Jon would like to admit, but both of their growls are worse than their bites. C.J. is my charmer, but just as naughty as Drew, but has an innocent face, so he slides by a lot. Drew is now 5, but when he was 3 he plugged in Jon's heating gun which looks like a hairdryer and heats to about 1500 degrees turned that sucker on and burnt about 50 holes in my carpet. I was in the kitchen doing dishes and I could not figure out why I was smelling burnt plastic. Walking through the house I was sniffing, looking, and searching for the reason for the smell then I see the smoke... When I got to the Family room I spot him, along with an envelope smoldering under my new leather couch, and my carpet burned to the cement. Shock is an understatement. After I blew out the envelope and made sure the carpet was not on fire I called Jon. HE BURNED HOLES IN THE CARPET!! Jon said what? I said with YOUR heating gun YOUR son burnt about 50 holes in the carpet!! Jon asked How in the world did he figure out how to use that heat gun? I said he is 3, he is not stupid! He watches me dry my hair everyday! My floor was ruined but Drew did not burn the furniture, himself, or his siblings. We had to replace the carpet....... Tomorrow I will write about what a corn dog will do in a microwave when the timer is set for 90 minutes. Good times.

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