Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's Coming Off!!!

After a pretty crazy week I was scared to weigh in today since last week I only lost a half a pound!! It was still a loss so I was excited!! I really paid attention to the amount of food I ate and watched my points and I lost 4 lbs!!! My grand loss so far is 9lbs!!! I am really excited and hopefully summer won't seem so daunting!! Everyone is on track getting better and are back at school so pray we stay well!! So, I am really excited!! Thanks for the prayers!! Keep it up I love it!!! Sarah


Faith (Gavin's Mommy) said...

Way to go!!!!!!

Torres Family said...

'Weigh' to Go Girl! Do you like my nerdy pun? That's a lot of weight for the week. Are you sure you're not secretly signed up for The Biggest Loser?

Betsy said...