Monday, January 7, 2008

Grief eating

Well, let's be honest I am pretty open when it comes to my writing on my blogs, and this blog will be no different. It has been a long, long year, and it has not gone the way I really wanted it to go, but do things ever go the way we think they should? If they did I would have a healthy one yr. old right now and I probably would not have the time to write, so maybe losing Savannah has brought out the writer in me. What a crappy way to get to this point huh? Well there are other things that I have become good at one of them is eating. GIRL!! I can eat!! I didn't do drugs, cheat, gamble, or do any of the things that I could of done to SHOVE the pain out of my mind, but it was unavoidable for me to stop eating!! I ate when I was happy, sad, mad, depressed you name it and I ate it! LOL Well I gave myself a deadline that the grief eating stopped December 21st 2007 which was a year to the date little died, and for the most part I have watched what I ate, and drank since then, but now is the time to do something BIG!! I am just asking for prayer because along with my self control I gained back on December 21, 2007 I lost all the adreneline I have been living on for the last year. I am tired. I can officially say I am on no medication right now for depression and I am proud of that. I am putting faith in a God that is bigger than my grief. SO... to the diet I go! I 'll keep you posted!!

PS Christmas blog will be up soon!!


Betsy said...

You can do it!!!

Chris & Ashley said...

Your new profile picture is so beautiful!