Thursday, May 1, 2008

What a week!

Well let's see I gained 1.8 this week- I think all the celebrating that I made my 10% helped in this minor set back! LOL! Yea- so I am back on track! LOL Jon has been out of town this week and I am sort of a pitiful soul right now! CJ had is school performance tonight and played a mean air guitar during one of the songs!! He gave me the giggles it was so funny!! Well all and all it has been a good week. We are getting ready for Teacher Appreciation Week and I have about 58 baskets in my family room that I have threatened my children's lives that if they touch they will not enjoy sitting for a while!! LOL They have stayed in place!! I just want it to be nice- Teacher's are so underpaid, and underloved- my dad is a teacher and we struggled a lot growing up because teacher's pay is so lousy! I am just curious- Where is all the casino money? HMMM? I know those places never close and they always seem busy. What a lie Oklahoma bought into! I voted no- because it hasn't brought a whole lot to the table- its quite sad- It has brought a lot of addicts. Sorry off my soap box!

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Torres Family said...

Keep on the soapbox. Lottery money does not directly go into classroom education. It goes to lobbying, testing funds, and a bunch of other hoopla! sounds like Teacher Appreciation Week at your school went well. I'm sure the teachers really appreciate you!