Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A New Week

I am writing for this week now and I posted a blog I started last week also!! LOL Well I lost 4lbs this week!! I did a kickstart week and it worked for me sooo grand total so far 24.2!!! It is amazing!! I feel really good and my energy level is soaring. It has been such a busy week already! Teacher's Appreciation Week has kept me busy along with 2 PTA meetings and I gave the opening thought for the city meeting it was very cool and I was very honored they asked me to speak!! Anywho!! We had some pretty good storms tonight and I got the biggest laugh out of my four yr old CJ who was so confused that nobody would take their clothes off to get in the bathtub during the big storms!! LOL He said THEY STILL HAVE THEIR CLOTHES ON!!! it was soo funny!! It is the little things!! LOL All in all a great week so far!!! WOO HOO! 8 days until school is out!!


Anonymous said...

You have done a fantastic job this week on all fronts and it has not gone unnoticed! All the teachers are appreciative of all the time you've taken out of your week, with little or no help, to make their week special. (They are pretty clued into the fact that you are the PTA)Your faith and passion ispire me all the time. Thank-you for sharing that part of yourself not only with me but with others.

So I'm going to share something with you that I have never said out loud. I'm a grown-up! This fact has hit me hard this week and freaks me out just a little. I choose you because your in the same boat as me. We may need each other if it starts to sink. I'll provide the floaties, if you bring the life jackets. Deal?

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

And snap either becoming a grown-up or lack of sleep has caused me to forget things.

I was also going to say.

Thank-you for the oppurtunity to work with you this year on the board. I will always, lovingly, joke about how I accquired the position but I have loved every minute and look forward to next year. I was very lost last year and prayed a lot to find meaning in my life. I never thought I would find it at Ryan's school but it is so fitting.

Okay I will close on that thought and leave you alone.