Friday, July 18, 2008

The Natives Are Restless...

Well we are mid way through summer and let's just say that trying to keep my kids busy is getting difficult. I read of a friend who froze toys in water so her boys could chip away at the ice and dig them out. I am trying that on Monday or Tuesday- a little transformer frozen in an iceberg of ice makes me laugh! I will post pics! Thanks Ashley! Well this week we have built tents, swam, and tortured our poor shih-tzu Boomer. He is praying for school to start to I know it! LOL! Here is some fun pics!

COME ON I AM NOT EVEN A DOG ANYMORE!! So patient! Sweet Boomer!
Drew he is so charming when he wants to be!
Just climbed up from falling through the innertube!
Such buddies!
Boomer chillin in the tent!


Anonymous said...

Lol so you actually succumbed to pressure!

Torres Family said...

The kids look like they are definitely having fun. I love all of Ashley's ideas too. Good luck with the last few weeks of summer!

Ashley said...

We really need to get our boys together...I am getting tired of all the sheets and blankets draped over everything in my house. I don't even fold anymore, they all just get crammed in the boys closet! Looks like you guys are having a fun summer...maybe we'll see you at VBS this week...

amy said...

Making those kind of tents sure brings back memories for me. Looks like they are having fun and making memories. Aren't you so glad they enjoy swimming as well? Something else fun for you all to do together. Enjoy those last summer days.