Thursday, July 31, 2008

Want Smore?

oOEY Gooey!!

Roasting marshmallows is serious business- it takes technique
Drew soo excited! LOL

Madison is growing her bangs out and it is driving me nuts the hair in her face! She is not a ribbons and bows girl when she plays outside so keeping her hair maintained over the summer has been virtually impossible!! She's still my cutie pants!
I did the pics out of order but I think you get the idea of what our summer bedtime ritual is! My mom started this at her house with them roasting a marshmallow over a tealite! Not to be outdone I do it over the stove!! My mom has amazing things she does with my kids and I try to not to do the fun things that she does at my house because I love that they come back and tell me ALL the things they did at Grandma's! I do however believe that smore making is universal- they are special anywhere!! I don't like marshmallows due to peep incidents growing up that I choose to keep trapped in the recesses of my mind! LOL No, I just loathe marshmallows!! My husband is an amazing sport- he enjoyed his time making smores!! His goal is to look like a goob as much as possible while I take pictures so I said fine I don't care what you do but these pics WILL be on the internet!! LOL!


Torres Family said...

All I can say is YUMMY!

Heather said...

YUMMMMM I want some!!!!!