Wednesday, February 27, 2008

13lbs lost!!!!

Hey another 2 lbs I lost this week!!! YEAAAAA!!! I needed that excitement!! I am up to 13lbs lost!! Very cool!! I am going to get to play with my kids and keep up!! I love it!! The walking/running starts soon!! Get in some real shape!! Woo hooo!!!


Torres Family said...

Keep it up! The walking/running part does not sound fun. After I had Mason, I told Steven I wanted to run the 5K Thanksgiving Race the following Thanksgiving. I HATE RUNNING! But, I do LOVE the feeling afterward. Make yourself a schedule of how far you want to walk and a timeline of when you want to start running. It will help. My running routine started by running around the block once! HA! Eventually, I made it to the race and finished! You can do it! Good luck! Congrats on all your weight loss.

Beam Family said...

You go girl! I am working on getting motivated to lose weight...your're blog is helping (the cheeseburger I ate for lunch, not so much.) My mom said she saw you today and she said she thought you looked great. Keep up the good work, maybe I will join you at the meeting one day. For now, I am blaming my inability to lose weight on the 14 hours I'm taking this semester. I'll be the fat nurse everyone looks at and says, "Shouldn't she know better?"